The salvaging of a Ping Dong paper at Journal of Marketing

Ping Dong resigned from Northwestern and disappeared, ghosting her coauthors. She had numerous articles retracted, including 3 from top marketing journals [link]. 

Somehow, her coauthors of one JM article convinced JM to drop her as 1st author, let them rerun all the studies (except for the first one which was a field study) and republish it with correction. 

I discussed it on Twitter. See the thread here:

I should note, though, that I was careless in describing how Ping Dong was outed. What I meant to say is that Daniel Lakens and Lisa DeBruine drew attention to her early on, and that this may be related to her getting into trouble, but the details of what happened are not public, and I was wrong to make this connection.  I was right to point out that this was probably the earliest mention of problems with a Ping Dong paper. 


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